Beautiful Images by Design

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Your wedding story...forever told with gorgeous images

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Let's magnify your brand...with compelling visuals

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Ride on the wild side...for fearless fashion photos


Event Maximus

Electric images make your event unforgettable.

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Love Story

Creative couples images capture the love.  One of a kind digital artwork is available too.  

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"Fashion-Infused" Senior Portraits

Elevate and separate from the ordinary.  Make a statement for years to come with portraiture by Hetman Design.

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Baby on the way!

Capture the prelude to your new baby's story in beautiful photos.  

Pinup Models, Cars & Motorcycles!


Go Back in Time! For Epic Pinup Pics

Cast yourself in gorgeous 1950's style pinup model images by Hetman Design.  

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Supercharged Automotive Photography

It's more than a car, it's who you are.

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Motorocycle Mayhem!

Capture moments on the knife's edge.


Band & Live Performance Photography

Real, rockin', in-the-moment images! Can you feel it?

Fine Art Image Prints


Reflect on Beauty

Fine art images available for sale as signed prints.  Please contact us below for info.


Reach for Drama

Introduce your home or office to timeless fine art prints.

Copyright Mick Hetman

Feel the Difference

Beauty is found in the human form and in nature.



Documenting History

Hetman Design captures the action when and where it happens.  Newspapers, magazines and online publications have featured Hetman Design images.

Copyright Mick Hetman

Boldy Telling the Story

The real news from hidden angles for all to see


"Thousand-word Images"

Speak volumes and engage your audience

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Let's do a photo shoot!

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